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This abandoned tuberculosis hospital right down the street from my house has some of the most interesting and beautiful graffiti I’ve seen, I’m sad for not getting more pictures. It closed in the early ’80s, and some of the lockers still had patients’ rusted hangers in them. Supposedly one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts, although I didn’t experience anything (which was super disappointing). There’s three huge buildings and every time you turned around there was a new stairwell. I could’ve stayed for hours.

i want to go to there

you are the person in the first five minutes of a supernatural episode

I lost it at Stay Gold Ponyboy

You gotta go at night silly


The Dandy Demon - pathofneedles: Blood Tea and Red String (2006) en We Heart It.

Title: Lavender Town
Artist: Pokemon
Played: 76 times



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So this comic, has been mentioned many, many times as one of the most creepiest comics. Read it from right to left. Here it is:X

Tales From Wonderland: Concerning Hares

Check out the newly released and absurdly creepy trailer for the Alice in Wonderland short film!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Model 05 productions on the film, and I can’t wait to show everyone the finished product! Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page!

You can listen to my music for the trailer here.


Creepy Guest Book Entries Found

DAY 1 -[Morale] is high -We just arrived house is nice, warm, full of family. Food is good, and beds are nice, a bit rainy and windy but fun all the same. I think I’m [gonna] like it here :) -Devin

DAY 2 -That’s odd, there was no one on the beach today, it seems extra quiet. The construction workers didn’t show up today. We stayed inside today because the sky only cleared twice for us to go outside, the thanksgiving dinner was great, but now we’re almost out of food, haha my mom’s going shopping tomorrow at least. -Devin

DAY 3 This is getting really weird, on her way to the store there was no one around, the store was empty and seemed locked. Where is everyone?

-Please contact

DAY 4 -Things are bad, Dad went scouting and never came back, now we’re down to 1 car and it’s out of gas. Food and [morale] is low, tv and radios are down as well as the internet, oh God, where is everyone? -Devin

DAY 5 -Electricity went out, we’re practically starving. Please, anyone. [Coyotes] have invaded town, and they’re aggressive. Nate went out the other day and didn’t come back, now we only go outside rarely and in pairs. I think this is driving me crazy, I’m not remembering things -Devin

DAY 6 -Oh God, we’re forgetting! everyone slowly, Ned forgot his name and mom forgot she was ever married, what’s happening to us?? Why am I writing these? Nevermind that, we need food badly! I would love to eat some… some… what do I want? I need to lie down. -Div…

DAY 7 -[Where], why? How? We’re dropping like flies. Oscar woke up this morning and didn’t know how to walk. Where’s mom? Where’s Nate? Where, where, where, where, oh God I’m losing it help PLEASE -D