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Fells Glen is a small town of near 4000 people. At some point in the past strange things started happening. People died and went missing for years before they realized the pattern.

That was when the rules began. Rules that each resident of Fells Glen tries their hardest to abide by, because if they don’t, if they step out of line just a little bit, it could have dire consequences.

I started this series a few weeks ago and have already fell in love with it as I hope you all do. This video is the first in the series.


The first time I saw one of them was almost twenty years ago, as I walked into a patients room with Catherine, the nurse assigned to train me. The patient lay in bed, eyes closed, chest rising and falling slowly. Coiled around his neck and draped over his left shoulder was a writhing, black, snake-like creature that appeared to be composed of shadows that had somehow gained substance.

I tensed up immediately, nearly dropping the medication cup in my hand. It took everything in me not to scream. The only thing that stopped me was Catherine’s calm hand on my shoulder. When I turned to her, the look on her face said more to me than any expression I have seen before or since. ‘If I had warned you beforehand,’ that look said, ‘you wouldn’t have believed me. It’s there… But you better act like it’s not.’

Since that day I have seen more of them than I can count. Always in the rooms of terminal patients. And always three days before that patient dies. They start in the dark corners, slowly moving closer as the hour approaches.

Over the years I have come to accept these creatures as a fact of life, never questioning their purpose or origin. Mostly out of fear. But now, these are questions I must ask. Because as I write this, I am watching one of them move from the space under my dresser to the nightstand near my bed.

I don’t understand.

I don’t even feel sick.

It’s There…